Grace Family Church Summer Explosion August 2014

Grace Family Church Summer Explosion 2014

We are always amazed at the Summer Explosion experience at Grace Family Church. It is not just the amount of children that attend  (well over a thousand plus) but the quality of spreading the Word of God to these children in ways that are relevant and lasting in their young lives.

Once again we had a great time with the children as they bonded with us and talked to about the book and loved their plush giraffes.

We always feel refreshed and a sense that we were in "the right place" that God wanted us for that week. Children ask for hugs and recognition  especially those who have purchased a book or giraffe from previous years. These children bring their new friends to our exhibit to introduce them to us. Sweet, huh?

The parents bond with us and ask for prayer. We have discovered that happening more this year. We love their high fives when they come in that first day and the smiles and recognition from parents and grandparents.  It encourage us.

This year we played our book trailer and that played all week.

I can say we are always impressed with the kindness and joy from people who are a part of Grace whether it is countless volunteers, pastors, workers, parents, etc.  It is a joy to be a part of Summer Explosion.