"When my mom started illustrating this story, I took a sneak peak at what she was doing. I read the story, and I realized I was an IVAN myself. As a child, I suffered from a condition called Tourettes Syndrome, a condition that leaves the person very much on the outside of everything. You feel unaccepted, teased, and like you are bad because something about you is different than others.

Just like Ivan, all I ever wanted was to be accepted and liked. But instead, I was tortured by their unkind words and deeds. I hope this book will make people see others as remarkable beings that God has designed for His purpose, and accept them for the wonderful people they are inside, not just the outside. Remember-everyone has a special talent and reason for being just like Ivan. Everyone wants to be loved and accepted."

- Brad Brooks -"A real-life Ivan"

"This story will be a good read-aloud for young children. It will also be an inspiration to children who think they are different from others. The illustrations certainly complement the text."

- Dr. Audrey Henry - Professor of Education (Specializing in Reading) Nova Southeastern University (Ft. Lauderdale)

"Ivan Becomes a Hero...a message for all ages...people everywhere search for significance...Both Ivan and I realize significance comes not from things the world calls great, but rather from fulfilling the mission God created for each of us."

- John Grant - Florida State Senator (Ret.)

"...A must read for all children in the developmental stages of life. A child's heart sculpted by the knowledge that their self-worth is founded and grounded in God will make them a success no matter who or what they are dealing with in life."

- Dr. Ouida Walsh - Author of Healing the Broken Hearted

"Ivan Becomes a Hero...a little giraffe's struggle to be accepted...will speak to the heart of children in a very special way...beautiful illustrations bring Ivan to life...the heartwarming story stirs our faith...I highly recommend this book to parents and teachers as they guide young children down this path called life."

- Judy Rockwell-Certified in Early Childhood Education

"Ivan Becomes a Hero is a wonderfully illustrated story of encouragement...perfect read aloud...great tool to strengthen the Christian worldview so desperately needed by children today."

- Debbie Strayer - Co-founder of Homeschooling Today (TM) Magazine, Author, Speaker, Educator, and Consultant

"Linda Brocato has such a love for teaching children about their value in God's eyes and her deepest desire is that they understand they are "fearfully and wonderfully made by Him."

Through her inspired writing, she conveys to them the love he has for them. ... a heartwarming story that is sure to capture a child's imagination while learning about kindness and compassion toward others. Every child should read or have read to him/her this delightful and appealing book. ...a story to be treasured for many years to come."

- Rev. Linda Brooks - Pastoral Christian Counselor

"A beautiful story with a very positive and uplifting message for everyone."

-Tammy Kimpland - Oakstead Elementary Principal, Public School K-5

"Ivan is so lovable...illustrations are life-like...inspirational..This book should be in every child's library."

- Dr. Mickey L. Walters -Administrator, Christian School K-12

"From the moment I purchased this book, I could tell it was like no other. The vibrant colors and illustrations keep my children captivated from start to finish and no matter how many times I read it to them; they never lose interest in the story. "Ivan Becomes a Hero" will leave a lasting impact on your children for years to come. We've owned the book now for several months and my 3 1/2 year old son gets excited every time we sit down to read it. I promise you'll love it! As a matter of fact, every giraffe your child encounters from here on out will be named Ivan. Best children's book you can buy, take it from a father!"

- Micah (Amazon Reviewer)

"When I first read this book I knew it was just what God had put in the heart of the author to let children know that they are very special no matter what! I love the illustrations and vibrant colors. It is not just a book for personal use but can be used in a classroom setting. Its a book that will be an asset in any library. Many children today experience the need to be accepted and the message in this book will help in that area. In addition, it is such easy reading. Children can read it to other children. It will truly keep their attention to the end."

Rosemary Johnson

This book is a must have in the home of children. My granddaughter loves this book and it represents the "special" time we spend together. It is very well written, easy to read and follow for the little ones.

Illustrations are perfect! Ivan is definitely a book that is MORE than just a story. A very good teaching tool. I hope we see more of Ivan in the future!

- JMS (Amazon Reviewer)

All children and all young at heart will love this beautifully illustrated story of acceptance. Ivan is the perfect gift to donate to your children's school library, or as a cuddle up, let's read story with your grandchild. Ivan teaches that it is ok to be different, but not ok to be teased.

- Barbara Michell

What a great little children's story! This book is a perfect gift and just right for reading together with your child or grandchild. Ivan is the hero kids will want to hug!

- Amazon Review

My 18 month old granddaughter loves this book! Everytime she comes to my house she goes directly to where she knows I keep it, brings it to me to read. Of course, at her age, she mostly loves the pictures. If I can't read to her at that time, she will sit on the floor with the book, turn the pages and pretend she is reading it herself.

Shirley Stevens

This is an amazing book for your child! Let God's Word speak to your child (as well as to you) through this excellent book! The illustrations are incredibly beautiful as well! This will be a book you and your child will BOTH cherish for many years to come!

- Singing Frizzle (Amazon Reviewer)

Ivan Becomes A Hero is an excellent book for teaching children very important values in life! The vibrant colors and larger than life characters make this an exciting read for children of all ages!

- Philip (Amazon Reviewer)

I just wanted to share that I received Ivan becomes a Hero as a baby shower gift with a very cute stuffed giraffe for my long awaited Miracle child. Shortly after my darling daughter was born I began to read this story to her while she was laying in my arms watching me carefully as if I were a miracle to her too. As I began to read knowing she was too young to understand,(but you're never to young to learn) I began to cry, God laid it upon my heart to share this book with my adopted 15 year old who had always had a problem being accepted because he has severe dyslexia and can't read as well as other children his age. We had tried every method to help him, sought out help and was told we would just have to wait until he got ready. As we all as a family Dad included sat down to read this book, my son carefully listened and then began to want to read some of the pages, he could relate to being like Ivan feeling different and realized God made him special too. So he began to read more and is now on his way, I guess Ivan saved him too. Today he's patiently waiting for the day he can sit down with his baby sister when she is a little bigger to read how Ivan became a Hero to her. Right now all she see's are the beautiful colors, later she will understand Ivan's beautiful story. Ivan is truly a hero to our family, He is the baby's 1st book and our son's first desire to read. Ivan will always hold a special place in our hearts. This book was carefully designed in every detail and really brings the character to life. The colors are so vivid and clear, every child will want to read.

- Mrs. Cecilia Gamble

My kids LOVE the heroism in Ivan. Not because he is big or strong or wears a cape, but because he is normal, regular, even insecure... YET he still becomes a hero. Ivan finds he doesn't have to be like everyone else to be special. God made him different, and that difference is what makes him special. Psalm 139 is the key, we are fearfully and wonderfully made. This is a message ALL children long to hear. They are special and unique and God will use them. My kids are learning a BIG message (self acceptance) without even realizing it because it is so tenderly wrapped in this beautiful, fun, loving story of "Ivan Becomes a Hero". I highly recommend this book for all kids, especially those from 3 to 10 years of age. The pictures are stunning and will keep the young ones engaged. GET IT:-).

Veronica Ann Brocato - (Founder of Voice for the Orphans)

I purchased Ivan Becomes a Hero to take to an orphanage in Haiti. I had the opportunity to read the book while I was there and when I first started reading the book I had two children around me but before I could turn to the second page I was surrounded by children. I looked up while reading Ivan to them and on their faces were smiles and so many different expression in their faces looking at all of the animals, all the colors. It was truly a blessing to witness this because the children at the orphanage are exactly what the book is about, they are fearfully and wonderfully made for a purpose. They are gift from God and even though they don't have a family they are so blessed to have the comfort of God's word through the God sent people that are taking care of them.

Special thanks to the author Linda Brocato who is so special to me because she is my aunt and I want to thank her so much for the book. I am so proud of her and love her with all of my heart.

Debra Ann Haley

This is one of the best children's book I have ever seen! Not only are the illustrations amazing, but so is the story. This story will inspire not only the children, but also the adults reading it as well. Thanks to my friend, Linda, for the hours and hours of making sure this book was perfect in every way before it was released!

- Pat Rallo

This is a wonderful book for kids and the folks who read it with them as well. It is a great gift book (I have given one to all my grandkids) or a wonderful volume for grandparents to keep at their home for great together reading time when the kids come to visit. The illustrations are delightful and visually engaging, and the story is lovely and uplifting. Lots of thought and care went into the creating of Ivan'story.

- Amazon Reviewer

Great book I love reading it to my Grandchildren. I have told so many people about this book. Everyone shold have a copy for their coffee table or library.

- Mary Ann Longshore