Ivan Becomes A Hero

Brocato Publishing introduces a story about a little, gangly giraffe who does not like who he is. He wants to be a zebra and then a water buffalo when they bully and make fun of him.

However, his wise mother tells him that he is fearfully and wonderfully made by God for a purpose from Psalm 139:14.  

When Baby Hillary falls into a deep, dark hole, Ivan is the only animal with a long neck and long gangly legs and keen hearing to rescue her. Ivan remembers his mother’s wise words and gathers courage he’s never had before.

All the other animals declare that Ivan is a hero as he rescues Baby Hillary. Zeke, leader of the zebras, and Wally, leader of the buffaloes, say they are sorry for bullying him. Ivan even makes new friends.

Our little Ivan has become a hero! He learns self-acceptance and to celebrate his unique differences. In the end, Ivan declares “I like being me!”

Book Preview 

Special Bonus "Hidden Hearts" Game Included
This is a special feature within the book to eagerly engage the children in a fun adventure. "Hidden Hearts" are secretly and lovingly placed throughout the illustrations. Answer key is on the last page.

Homekeepers Video Interview 

"Ivan Becomes a Hero...a message for all ages...people everywhere search for significance...Both Ivan and I realize significance comes not from things the world calls great, but rather from fulfilling the mission God created for each of us."
- John Grant - Florida State Senator (Ret.)

"Ivan is so lovable...illustrations are life-like...inspirational.This book should be in every child's library."
- Dr. Mickey L. Walters -Administrator, Christian School K-12