Parents, Teachers, and Caregivers

All children wish to be valued, appreciated, and loved for who they are. Ivan is like a child. He is a little, gangly, curious giraffe with a deep longing to be accepted. Does this sound familiar? Yes, there is an Ivan in all of us! Thankfully, his wise mother knows the power of God’s Word that imparts a sense of identity and adoption to Ivan, bringing him great joy. Psalm 139:14 is the Scripture to which I refer that Mother Giraffe reads to Ivan. Built on this simple truth, Ivan Becomes a Hero is a book that offers a life-changing message; one that heals hearts and emotions.

As adults, we have the awesome responsibility of fostering children in a safe and loving environment, namely our homes and classrooms. It is possible to protect and teach them, through God’s Word, to value themselves as He values them. After reading this book I hope children will gain the freedom to express themselves and their own special praise to God for making them “one of a kind.” Amazing!

I wish I had been so blessed when I was a child with this Scripture. But God’s timing is perfect. He allowed me to feel the pain of shyness and loneliness. As a child I withheld my feelings. Now I am able to understand and share my experiences and blessings with children. I know I am “fearfully and wonderfully made!”

I believe children can learn compassion, acts of kindness in children lead to the same behavior as adults. Generosity is not only refreshing, but is God’s will for us. When we look outside ourselves to the needs of others, all of us become heroes, sung or unsung. We reap the benefits of liking ourselves in a whole new way. Children love leaders who guide them so they may become all that God wants them to be. All children are “fearfully and wonderfully made!”